Sitting is the new smoking Jul 15 2015

Written by Stuart Haden on June 30, 2015 I often ask executives, ‘what is the secret to performing optimally?’ “It’s the fags Stuart, you know 20 a day keeps me focussed and alert. The more...

Dads must step up for moms, Erin Flynn Jay Jul 13 2015

Feb 19, 2013 reprinted from Fathers After 40 Author Erin Flynn Jay’s book, Mastering the Mommy Track, focuses mostly on women, of course. But she’s also got some practical advice for the men in...

Modern Day Selling by Brian Barfield May 26 2015

Overcoming your Fears When you think of fear in your sales career what things come to mind? Could it be the fear of closing a sale?  How about the fear of being totally honest while presenting you...

Storytelling by Jane Bailey Bain May 1 2015

Extract from StoryWorks When two people get together, they start to tell stories. Friends meeting in a cafe. Colleagues back at work on Monday morning. Strangers sitting together on a long-distance...

TeamWORKS! by Chris Valletta Apr 27 2015

Team WORKS! The Gridiron Playbook for Building a Championship Business Team. Chris Valletta In Team WORKS! former NFL player turned entrepreneur Chris Valletta describes the strategies and to...

Framespotting Feb 26 2015

Behind the Scenes Ever wanted to look behind the scenes at a theatre, a rock concert, or an airport? Of course you have: backstage is a hidden world where exciting things go on, a secret world most...



A Handbook for Leaders, Writers and Speakers

Jane Bailey Bain


The Gridiron Playbook for Building a Championship Business Team.

Chris Valletta

Blockbuster Book of Brain Expanding, Creativity Enhancing, Writing Exercises, The

Guaranteed to make you a great writer, an innovative thinker and a creative force in any walk of life

Philip Theibert

Future is Yours!, The

How to effectively manage the whole world,including life, family, and business, and remain true to yourself

Rolf U. Kramer MA

It's Not About the Coach

Getting the most from coaching in business, sport and life

Stuart Haden

Potato Chip Economics

Everything you need to know about business clearly and concisely explained

Philip Theibert

Modern Day Store, The

Becoming a Unified Store

Brian Barfield

Most Creative, Escape the Ordinary, Excel at Public Speaking Book Ever, The

All the help you will ever need in giving a speech

Philip Theibert

Common Excuses of the Comfortable Compromiser, The

Understanding why people oppose your great idea

Matt Crossman