Philip Theibert
Philip Theibert

Philip Theibert has extensive experience in speech writing, online teaching, marketing, media relations, Internet marketing, and public relations.
His books written include: Business Writing for Busy People, How To Give A Damn Good Speech, The Hard Problems of Management and Lessons in Corporate Change. Articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Vital Speeches, ToastMaster Magazine, Executive Speaker, Communication World, Business Week Careers, Writers Digest, Public Relations Strategist.
In addition to this he has considerable communication experience as an executive speechwriter, newspaper reporter, magazine editor, advertising copywriter, public relations director, college instructor, college textbook writer and media relations director.
His recent publications include:
Feature Story - Mitchell on Law – The Magazine of the William Mitchell School of Law: December 2011
Feature Story - Mitchell on Law – The Magazine of the William Mitchell School of Law: Spring 2012
Short Story: The Genius: Aura – The Literary Journal of the University of Alabama Birmingham
Short Story: A Western Tale – Capstone:Literary Journal Spring 2012
Golf’s Funniest Anecdotes: Meadowbrook Press : Revised and Updated Book : Dec: 2011
Editorials: Birmingham News: Editorials: 8/14/2011; 10/23/2011; 11/13/2011; 11/23/2011; 11/27/2011, 03/18/2012 / 03/25/2012
Poetry: The Negro League Phenom: published, March 15, 2012
Poetry: Stank Eye: published BaseballBard.Com, March 15,2012
Poetry: Coffins: Steel Toe Review; A Journal of Contemporary Southern Arts and Literature : Feb, 2011
Book: Everything I Need to Know in Life, I learned from Baseball: Meadowbrook Press: Fall 2012
Book: Baseball: A Funny Game: Meadowbrook Press: Fall 2012
Short Story: The Genius – Pressboard Press – April 25th, 2012

Books by Philip Theibert

Most Creative, Escape the Ordinary, Excel at Public Speaking Book Ever, The

All the help you will ever need in giving a speech

Feb 2013

The "everything you need to give an outstanding speech book", complete with all original material, written by a professional speechwriter.

Potato Chip Economics

Everything you need to know about business clearly and concisely explained

Jun 2013

A complete college course in "Real World Business" in under two hours... A must read for anyone who wants to look intelligent in a job interview.

Blockbuster Book of Brain Expanding, Creativity Enhancing, Writing Exercises, The

Guaranteed to make you a great writer, an innovative thinker and a creative force in any walk of life

Mar 2014

The most comprehensive book on writing available.


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