15 Ways to Own Your Future

15 Ways to Own Your Future

Take Control of Your Destiny in Business & in Life

A 15-point blueprint for creating better collaboration, enjoyment, and success in business and in life.


Life-Impacting Ways to Create Success and Enjoyment in Your Business and Personal life - How to Take Control as Opposed to Just Taking What Comes! The 15 Ways in this book will help you: Take collaboration to another level; improve work/life integration; make your business and personal world a better place; take the “job” out of work.


Great information. Will be useful to pass on to young students entering the workforce. ~ Arva Demps, Secondary School Teacher

"Michael Khouri hits the nail on the head." ~ Carl Howard, CEO, Service Master Absolute

Michael Khouri
Michael Khouri Michael Khouri’s business career spans over 40 years, managing in many industries that include working regional operations through mergers...
Mastering the Mommy Track by Erin Flynn Jay

Mastering the Mommy Track

Juggling Career and Kids In Uncertain Times

Erin Flynn Jay

Future is Yours!, The by Rolf U.  Kramer MA

Future is Yours!, The

How to effectively manage the whole world,including life, family, and business, and remain true to yourself

Rolf U. Kramer MA

Don't Get MAD Get Wise by Mike George

Don't Get MAD Get Wise

Why no one ever makes you angry!

Mike George

Soul Power by Nikki de Carteret

Soul Power

Nikki de Carteret

Four Faces of Woman, The by Caroline T. Ward

Four Faces of Woman, The

Restoring Your Authentic Power, Recovering Your Eternal Beauty

Caroline T. Ward

Optimized Woman, The by Miranda Gray

Optimized Woman, The

Using your menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment

Miranda Gray

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