Being a Supervisor 1.0

Being a Supervisor 1.0

A Handbook for the New, Aspiring, and Experienced Supervisor

A combination of 45 years of education, experience, and wisdom, this will be the preferred handbook for supervisors.

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Being a Supervisor 1.0 is a handbook for first-time and aspiring supervisors, covering information useful in preparing to step into that role and fulfilling the duties of a supervisor on a daily basis. While the primary audience is the first-time supervisor, or aspiring supervisor, the book will also be a useful resource to experienced supervisors looking for help with daily supervisory tasks.


I found that Being a Supervisor 1.0 is an excellent book that provides insight to anyone thinking of entering the realm of a supervisory position. The book is an easy read and will certainly enlighten the reader with an array of tips and methods that are extremely useful when dealing with the various issues that arise while serving as a supervisor. What makes this book unique is that it is written by someone whose has been a supervisor for many years and has acquired excellent skills that are readily shared to enable success. ~ Roy DeFranco, Amazon Books

I enjoyed the book and felt it very useful. It is very pertinent for first time and experienced managers. ~ Mark Gallagher, Amazon Books

Having been in a supervisory role with no experience at one point, I appreciated reading this book so much! It’s simple and to the point and although I think I did many things right, there are still many things that I could have learned and improved on! If you’re starting off your career as a supervisor and need some more guidance to feel prepared this book is for you! I definitely recommend it! ~ Monica Hanna, Amazon Books

I had the pleasure of working with Joe Duffy for several years, he was one of the best supervisors I have ever worked with. This is a well written easy to read book, provides real examples and how to implement the best practices and knowledge of forty years of being an exceptional supervisor. ~ Andrew Dunkinson (Linda Ward), Amazon Books

This book is a great resource for anyone who is in a leadership position! "Being a Supervisor 1.0" by Joseph Duffy provides new and experienced supervisors with the tools needed to excel in their position. Joseph Duffy has shared his wealth of knowledge in an enjoyable and easy to read book. After reading this book, I find myself referring back to specific chapters on a regular basis and have found that Joseph Duffy's practical advice and tips have helped me in more ways than one. I highly recommend this book! ~ Natalia Valencia, Amazon Books

There's typically no guidebook when being promoted into a management role - but this book helps fill that gap. The author does a great job including step-by-step processes to follow for running team meetings, on-boarding new employees, and even suggested tips for resolving workplace conflict. I highly recommended this to anyone in a supervisor role, or aspiring to be one ~ Stephanie Cashwell, Amazon Books

I heard about this book through some friends . After reading it I have a brand new perspective towards business and how to handle things and situations . I highly recommend this book to anybody who like to learn how to handle situations and be a good supervisor. ~ Nurcemal Muedin, Amazon Books

Joe’s years of experience come through in his book. ~ Maurice Betts, Amazon Books

How I wish this handy reference book was around when I accepted my first supervisory role. It is chock-full of tips and tools for responding to common scenarios and problems (and even better, how to prevent them from occurring in the first place). Material is presented in a quick and easy-to-read format (important when your first priority is supervising, not abstract, theoretical reading), and the author provides many forms and rubrics that he's developed over his expansive career, which you can adapt for your own use. And probably the best part, the handbook is broken down into different target areas that you can focus on in very constructive ways, making them more manageable, and putting context into a role that can often be very amorphous and elusive. I don't think I'm alone in feeling that my first role as supervisor came with little direction or guidance, this is often par for the course in the social service world where resources don't allow for a great deal of shadowing or training, so I can only imagine that others are struggling too. After a decade, I STILL find golden nuggets on how to make the job less stressful. If you are a supervisor, or about to step into the role, or even one with years of experience, do yourself a favor: get the book and keep it within arm's reach. ~ ASM, Amazon Books

A must read. Being a Supervisor 1.0 is a must read and an essential tool in one's supervisory toolbox. It is a comprehensive guide developed to assist the new supervisor as well as reinforces important concepts for the experienced supervisor. Invaluable advice accompanied by some humor makes for a great read while preparing you for success! ~ Angela, Amazon Books 9/6/2108

I definitely enjoyed reading this book, I found that not only does it guide you to become an effective leader in an organization, but it makes you think about your role and your future. I would recommend reading it more than once as it will guide you in making very important decision, from how to effectively communicate to conflict management. If you are serious about your career you will want to read this book as it will help you a lot. ~ Amazon Customer , Amazon Books

A great read. Awesome handbook for new supervisors. Loved the open door policy and the “mingling” with the troops. Keeps everyone involved with a shared purpose. Very practical to implement. ~ Michale Cummings , Amazon Books

A good primer for someone brand new to a management or leadership role. Good, practicable ideas to try. ~ Alexis Waide, NetGalley

While a lot of the information and concepts presented seemed fairly common sense to me, it would be a good primer for someone brand new to a management or leadership role. A lot of supervisory skills are explained in broad strokes but Duffy does give some good, practicable ideas to try ~ Alexis W, NetGalley

A thorough analysis of an age old topic. It should serve as a reference for leaders. Packed with fresh thoughts and clear reasoning. At its core, this is a powerful book. ~ Elaine P, NetGalley

Great Read. As someone with limited experience as a supervisor I find this book a great entry point. It's very resourceful and gives practical examples that reach quite beyond the non-profit sector. The author did an excellent job giving very direct advice on particular items such as communication, hiring, how to create and maintain a positive work environment and even on how to dress appropriately. ~ Andreas Stocker, Amazon Books

I would recommend this book to anyone that finds themselves in a supervisory capacity. This book is a simple and concise how to book for today's administrator. I purchased this book as a former school district administrator, knowing that the topic is one that I hold very dear. This book would be a helpful toolkit for anyone who supervises. I found it to logically hit on all areas of supervision. It touches on important topics such as: job interviewing, tools needed for the supervisor position, effective verbal and written communication to both direct reports and bosses. Another unique quality of the book, it talks about topics which are overlooked, such as proper grooming for a job interview, appropriate language, and how to sit. I feel this book would be a welcome addition to anyone's bookshelf along side Covey and Maxwell's publications on leadership. -Dr. Colleen Malleo ~ Dr. Colleen Malleo, Amazon Books

As a new supervisor, I found this book to be very helpful. There were some great tips on listening. Also some good tips on relating to staff. ~ Renee Brawdy , NetGalley

Joe Duffy’s book will be useful to the new supervisor and a great resource to even the seasoned supervisor as to how to support and encourage those you work with. His chapter on building and maintaining a positive work environment is right on point. The work environment can make or break the organization and its employees. And the chapter on self care is very important as it addresses that oft neglected topic so often neglected by supervisors more concerned with the well being of his or her direct reports and immediate supervisor. Get your own copy. You won’t be disappointed. ~ Mary Burke, Goodreads & Amazon 7/29

For a person considering entering the field of social service, this book is an excellent starting point. It provides the foundation for additional reading and for experience in the work place. I particularly enjoyed reading about decision-making, communication styles, self-evaluation and the importance of professional development. This book is based on Mr. Duffy's 45 years of experience at every level of the profession. As a Director of Human Resources and a trained social worker, I found this book to be a valuable tool that I will be using with my supervisees. Reina Rivas, LCADC, LCSW. ~ Reina Rivas, Goodreads

The advice appears to be logical, reasonable, and sound. I would recommend this book to beginners interested in becoming administrators. ~ Bobby Kirkland, NetGalley

Being a Supervisor 1.0 is an essential read not only for the aspiring and novice manager, but also the seasoned ones who are looking for a new approach. Joe draws upon 45 years of experience to give the reader a glimpse into some of the essential skills needed to successfully manage groups both small and large. For me the book worked best during Joe's anecdotal stories of some of the many challenges one might face in a supervisory position. The explanation of the challenge, the choice taken to resolve it, and the lessons learned are something that anyone that’s had to managerial position can appreciate. Often its these memorable challenges, whether they be successes or failures, that lead the biggest growth as supervisors. I highly recommend this book. ~ Sean Bednarz, Goodreads & Amazon 7/31

Being A Supervisor 1.0 is a great read as it teaches you that “you are no longer one of the passengers in the car; you are the driver” as you advance in rank. It is an enjoyable read as the author intertwines his personal experiences and stories as he graduated up the ranks. It gives the reader a real and practical view of actual workplace dynamics such as communication, decision making, and conflict resolution, and the importance the supervisor plays in building a positive work environment. The author tells the reader that his book is “written for the new, aspiring, and seasoned supervisor”. As one of those seasoned supervisors (30+years) I can tell you it is. Experienced as I am there are helpful hints in those chapters that I will use and having responsibility for supervising new and less seasoned supervisors, I am excited to have this book as a reference tool for them. I plan to make it required reading for my direct reports. (I was provided with a complimentary advanced electronic copy of this book) ~ Anthony , Goodreads & Amazon 7/28

I received a free copy of Being a Supervisor 1.0 (A Handbook for the New, Aspiring, and Experienced Supervisory) by Joseph F. Duffy in exchange for an honest review. This book gives advice on communication, efficiency, and personnel management. The advice appears to be logical, reasonable, and sound. I would recommend this book to beginners interested in becoming administrators. ~ Bobbie Kirkland, Goodreads & Amazon 7/27

I was fortunate to get an electronic copy of Being a Supervisor 1.0. It was a great primer on supervision with lessons applicable for anyone who spends a lot of time managing people and thinking about ways to help their teams grow. I found the sections on decision-making, hiring (and firing), dynamic learning, and the importance of self awareness to be the most valuable and informative. ~ Kevin J, Goodreads

"Being a Supervisor 1.0" prepares the younger supervisor to navigate the workplace as the leader. It is a well articulated collection of years of experience as a leader; presenting as a practical manual for the younger supervisor. In "Being a Supervisor 1.0" Joe Duffy has been able to share a wealth of knowledge which could only be beneficial to the reader. A must read for the young supervisor and a recommended read for the experienced supervisor while reflecting on their own growth and experience ~ Vito Andrisani, Goodreads

Mr.Duffy presents a systematic logical treatment of what is involved in being a supervisor in language any layperson can understand and apply to their work situation. His chapters on conflict resolution, how to deal with it and decision-making utilizing reason and intuition could assist any neophyte in dealing well with personnel. His efforts at win-win take into account the value of each individual and his MBWA approach to supervision is commendable. I appreciate his use of the serenity prayer as a foundation for being a supervisor. ~ Philip Russo, Goodreads

Joe Duffy asked me to review the outline for “Being a Supervisor 1.0” and upon completion provided me with an electronic copy of his book. I started my career working for Joseph F. Duffy, as a Coordinator and moved to Director, Assistant Vice President to CEO. In the 15+ years that we worked together, Joe exemplified true leadership. As a result, the overall content of “Being a Supervisor 1.0” is a true testament to his leadership success and that of all those he managed. He nurtured the needs of his direct reports so that they were able to put the staff/clients/patients first. “Being a Supervisor 1.0” takes the conventional wisdom that “keeping it simple” provides a competitive advantage. The result is a more productive, successful, and happier client, staff and organization. “Being a Supervisor 1.0” is practical, readable and a compelling book. A manager in the non-profit or for-profit arena will find this book insightful and a definitive guide on how to build and manage successful teams. ~ Philomena Pereira Chief Executive Officer Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice, FL, Goodreads

Mr. Duffy’s book should have a subtitle that reads, “How To Manage Millennials.” He covers in a straightforward style the key areas of the work environment that are important to this large work group. Millennials, more than earlier generations, expect leadership, guidance, coaching, clear goals which reflect their input, an open door policy, feedback, and more from managers. Mr. Duffy clearly explains how to create a work environment that will allow millennials and organizations to achieve success. ~ Richard Reilly Magement Consultant New York City, Goodreads& Amazon 8/8

Joseph Duffy has authored an important resource for supervision at any level. The book is well written, and offers insights, stories and direction with a human touch. Having had the privilege of working on several projects with Joe, I can say that he has made the approach to management outlined in this book not only something that benefits the supervisor, but also has a profoundly positive affect on the whole team. I have seen MBWA in action, and it is magical. I have already composed my list of those that will be getting copies of "Being a Supervisor 1.0" in the near future! ~ Trish Vitaletti, Goodreads & Amazon 8/2

We all deserve to feel good about going to work. To be treated with respect (even when we are being fired.) To work with people who make a real effort to know us. To feel motivated to carry out the mission of the organizations where we spend such an enormous amount of our waking energy. And, to have supervisors who've read -- and seek to live by -- this book on management and leadership by Joseph Duffy. Its combination of nuts and bolts advice within a powerful framework of honesty and integrity make "Being a Supervisor 1.0" the book I wish every supervisor I've ever worked for had read; the one I wish someone had handed me when they threw me into the role of supervising at the age of 24. Yes, it is a primer for both first-time and experienced supervisors, one packed with lists, useful tools and illustrative anecdotes. From over a half century of supervisory experience and a canon of leadership books, Duffy has distilled nuggets of wisdom you'll underline and return to. But, it is so much more. Do what the author advises: read it straight through and then come back as issues come up, or when you need to reflect on your own role as a leader. The book's straightforward organization and the author's conversational writing style make this easy. Sort of like having a monthly meeting with a wise friend. A supervisor, if you're lucky. And, even if you end up skimming the opening chapters (the ones that walk you through learning about a new job as a supervisor; reading mission statements, personnel manuals and other "sacred documents"; dressing the part; getting to know the staff), or subsequent chapters (brimming with helpful reminders on communication like when to use group meetings vs. emails; the importance of using an individual's preferred mode of communication), you'll want to linger with some of the later chapters, the ones I consider the heart of the book. These are the sections on foundational leadership issues, topics we need to read again and again: how to build relationships, how to listen actively, how to resolve conflicts, how to take care of yourself while working in a demanding situation. Life lessons that go far beyond the workplace world. It is when you reach these chapters, that you appreciate what sets this concise gem of a book apart from so many other management books: Duffy's insistence on supervision with integrity and honesty, on supervision that aligns with one's deepest values. "Be a person of integrity and expect your staff to have integrity. One who has integrity tells the truth, walks the talk, admits mistakes, does what he/she says he/she will do, does the right thing when it is easy and when it is hard, when being watched and not being watched." Don't you want to tape that one to your bathroom mirror? Duffy, a person of faith who spent his working life in church-based institutions, understands that his collaborative and participatory style of supervision may not be everyone's and that there are larger organizational and societal obstacles to building positive, learning organizations. He remains practical and results focused, even when he emphasizes values: "Honesty is the best policy. If you are less than honest, even for good intentions, you need to keep track of what you said to whom. Ever get caught in covering up a lie? If you always tell the truth, you don’t have to worry about being found out and you don’t have to keep track of your lies. Why is integrity important? It creates a trust relationship between 129 you and those who work for and with you. The opposite of trust is mistrust and suspicion. If you are not trusted, you will be second guessed. People will start taking sides. The work environment will be weakened. Integrity can be recovered but it will be a long and painful process. So make it your personal mantra to do the right thing. And expect and hold employees accountable for doing the right thing. One easy way to know if someone has integrity is to ask yourself if your employees had to choose to do the right thing in a difficult situation, would they ask of each other “What would (your name) do?” Joseph Duffy set out to write a "missing book, a handbook that encompasses the breadth and depth of what it takes to be an effective supervisor," because he could not find a"single book that covers all the topics a supervisor needs to know to be successful in his/her role". We should all be grateful he took the time to do it. (Full disclosure: Joe Duffy sent me an electronic review copy of "Being A Supervisor 1.0. I'm really glad he did.) ~ Cate Poe, Goodreads 7 Amazon 9/3/18

In Being a Supervisor 1.0, Joseph Duffy offers a broad range of excellent advice for beginning supervisors and experienced supervisors. The Table of Contents spells out the topics in detail, so you can "cheat" if you wish and head to a specific topic. The author uses handy mnemonics to guide you along the way: MBWA - Management by Walking/Wandering Around; KISS - Keep It Simple (or Short) Silly, and WIP - Work Improvement Plan. Plenty of charts are included. I also enjoyed his use of humor so that reading the book is not a tedious bore. A must read for anyone who wants to step up to a supervisory level at work. My review is based on receiving an advanced electronic copy from the author. ~ Rev. David Pickens, Goodreads & Amazon 8/7

As the author points out, all managers, whether novice, recently promoted, or experienced veteran, need to dedicate themselves to continually improving their craft. In Being a Supervisor 1.0, Joseph Duffy provides valuable insight and practical advice to help managers/supervisors of all levels improve their techniques. Most importantly, the author provides this information in a concise, easy-to-read manner. After you've read it once through, the smart chapter organization also converts this book to a quick reference guide for the reader to rely on. Overall, I highly recommend Being a Supervisor 1.0. ~ Ryan, Goodreads

I was extremely thrilled to receive an electronic copy of Joseph F. Duffy’s, ‘Being a Supervisor 1.0.’ This book is a labor of love that provides valuable insight on being an effective supervisor. Joe’s personal anecdotes, wealth of knowledge, and years of experience, are reflected in the pages of this book. The result is a book that is engaging and instructive. Joe’s passion on the topic of the role of supervisors is undeniable. There are many teachable moments within this book that it is hard to just pick one. I believe that this book is an incredible resource for both aspiring supervisors and seasoned supervisors. I highly recommend this book. ~ Robert Jacob, Goodreads

I found this to be concise, easy to read and more than helpful. Some of the topics that are pointed out as worthy of consideration are things I might otherwise not have thought of myself. I sure many will find this book useful as they navigate the challenges of taking on a supervisory role in any organization. ~ Pat Barrett, Goodreads & Amazon 7/30/18

I was fortunate to receive an early electronic copy of Being a Supervisor 1.0 from Mr. Duffy. This book is a thoughtful approach, written by someone with a wealth of experience and a proven track record. The insights provided apply to anyone who is at the start of her/his professional career, searching for motivation and direction; someone who is well along in their journey and looking for helpful tips and techniques; or seasoned supervisors who can look back and relate to Mr. Duffy’s anecdotes and humor. This is truly a helpful resource for anyone who is looking to better their careers and themselves ~ Christopher Brancato, Goodreads & Amazon 7/30

I definitely enjoyed reading this book, I found that not only does it guide you to become an effective leader in an organization, but it makes you think about your role and your future. I would recommend reading it more than once as it will guide you in making very important decision, from how to effectively communicate to conflict management. If you are serious about your career you will want to read this book as it will help you a lot. ~ Albert

As a Clinical Supervisor, and one who teaches Clinical Supervision, I began reading this book with the assumption that it was about this topic...expecting it to be another rehash of the information about which I am very familiar. To my great surprise, I found it hitting upon topics rarely covered in clinical supervision. This book covers, in a most readable way, experiential insights that new (clinical) supervisors can use from the "management perspective". This is a skill set that most clinical staff are not exposed to...and they need these skills to successfully manage their supervisees within a treatment setting. It will go on my "reading list" for new clinical supervisors. ~ Edward Reading, PhD, LCADC, CCS, Goodreads

I strongly recommend Being a Supervisor 1.0 by Joseph F Duffy to all those who are interested in honing their supervisory skills. It is easy to read with lots of examples of supervisory skills that the author has gained through practical experiences from a life time of having been in various executive roles. I know the author personally as a colleague and have seen him in action. Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading 2.0. ~ Thomas Verghese, Goodreads & Amazon 8/9

Being a Supervisor 1.0 by Joseph F. Duffy is a book worth more than just reading. It is worth keeping. Mr. Duffy has written a book that can be referred to when formulating and implementing everyday business decisions. In developing plans, Being a Supervisor 1.0, enables fledgling or seasoned supervisors to draw insights and join them together with their own to maximize outcomes. Chapters within the book can be utilized on an as need basis. However, the overall information contained can be drawn on throughout your career. Joe Duffy, a successful supervisor to many, has shared his keen insights with us in an understandable and professional manner ~ Robert E. Bozzomo, Amazon 8/4

Having managed many people in several not-for-profit agencies for over 35 years, I was very impressed with Joseph F. Duffy's "Being a Supervisor 1.0". This book would serve as a very valuable management tool not only to novice supervisors, but to more seasoned supervisors as well. Mr. Duffy artfully combines his mature wisdom, light humor and insightful anecdotes with clear, concise practical guidelines to result in a superb tool for effective management at all levels. I highly recommend this book to all managers! ~ Gail Gordon, Amazon 7/30

Joe Duffy wrote an incredibly informative, education and entertaining book. Joe’s vast experience shines through. He writes from his experiences, his knowledge and more importantly his heart. This is a really good read! Recommend this highly! ~ Denise, Goodreads & Amazon 7/31

This is clearly the work of someone who has been there. But more than that, these are the kind of insights from someone who shows you not just what to do, but how to do it. You can see in the way that the words of wisdom, the jokes and the stories are shared, that Mr. Duffy put his priority on how he treated his people and how important it was to advance the mission. Read this if that is the kind of leader that you want to be. ~ Rachel Lustig, Goodreads & Amazon 7/30

In one of the most practical yet highly entertaining and accessible reads I've had in a long while, Joe Duffy manages to create the ultimate guidebook to becoming a successful supervisor, and he does so in a way that combines humor and charming anecdotes with best practices and inspiring methodologies. This is a book which is appropriate for both the seasoned supervisor as well as someone new to the game, as it provides comprehensive information in a way which promotes a cohesive and ethical work environment . Can anything be more relevant right now? This book should be on every supervisor's shelf. Bravo, Joe Duffy. ~ Keaton Douglas, Amazon 7/31

Being a Supervisor 1.0 by Joseph F. Duffy is a clear, comprehensive, and caring approach to the work of supervision in any setting. The author's long and varied experience as a supervisor and board member informs this how-to manual written for new and experienced supervisors in mind. I especially liked the personal and anecdotal examples of successful management strategies presented. What sets this book apart from other such works is the emphasis on attentiveness to both professional and personal development needed on the path to success as a leader in an organization. An excellent resource for use in formation programs for new supervisors. ~ Barbara Conroy, Goodreads

Wish this handy reference book was around when I was thrown into my first supervisory role with little direction or support. It's chock-full of useful guidance and tips for all types of supervision scenarios, presented in quick, and easy to read format (important when your first priority is supervising, not abstract, heavy reading). After 9 years of supervisory roles in the social service sector, I still find golden nuggets on how to make the job a bit easier. If you're a supervisor, do yourself a favor and read the book! ~ Anita M, Goodreads

Wish this handy reference book was around when I was thrown into my first supervisory role with little direction or support. It's chock-full of useful guidance and tips for all types of supervision scenarios, presented in quick, and easy to read format (important when your first priority is supervising, not abstract, heavy reading). After 9 years of supervisory roles in the social service sector, I still find golden nuggets on how to make the job a bit easier. If you're a supervisor, do yourself a favor and read the book! ~ Sister Francis Raftery, SC, President Emirita, College of St. Elizabeth, Goodreads

Joe Duffy’s years of leadership experience has allowed him to address many essential topics and introduce new supervisors to the fundamentals. The book demonstrates intelligent and rational management decisions. Knowing what to expect and normalizing predicable experiences helps new managers navigate what can be at times an overwhelming environment. “Being a Supervisor 1.0” offers new managers as well as seasoned leaders a framework in which quality services and cooperation are likely to result. I highly recommend, “Being a Supervisor 1.0 “ and its use as part of the mentoring process. ~ Sam Pirozzi, PhD, Goodreads & Amazon 7/28

Being A Supervisor 1.0 is written in clear, concise and practical terms which allow for easy generalization to real work situations. The many facets of being a supervisor from establishing a mission statement, communication, time management to self care are covered. This book is a must read for anyone involved in management. ~ John H

Joseph Duffy has written an excellent manual for the aspiring supervisor. It contains practical suggestions which can readily be put to practical use. He draws upon a rich background in management and includes interesting anecdotes. The basic guidelines in this book are also of value to the experienced supervisor. ~ Anita Sullivan

Being a Supervisor 1.0 has structure and purpose. I highly recommend reading Being a Supervisor 1.0! The book has structure, purpose and practical concepts for leaders and managers. New and seasoned supervisors may benefit from it. Get your copy. ~ James Raphael, Goodreads

Ali rated it it was amazing Having known Mr. Duffy in person I was anticipating the publication of this book. I found chapter 4 and 5 helpful in providing both broad and detailed advice on effective communication. I particularly like the mini-skirt metaphor for writing ~ Ali, Goodreads

In an environment of ever growing technology and supervisory protocols and systems, "Being a Supervisor 1.0" by Joseph F. Duffy offers supervisors a path that masterfully combines the personal, hands-on approach with the cumulative wisdom of best practices in the field. Easy to read, well organized and with just the right amount of humor an anecdotal story telling, this book brings a lightness and energy to what can often be dry or rote. Aspiring supervisors will find it an invaluable tool for developing an effective and passionate supervisory style. Seasoned supervisors would do well to use the book as a review or touchstone; it is an excellent standard and criterion for judging what if anything needs to be adjusted in their current modus operandi. ~ Joseph Dudek, Goodreads & Amazon 7/30

I found it exciting to see in a readable, usable form what I have found to work in my 30 plus years of supervision. “Being a Supervisor 1.0” by Joseph F. Duffy crafts a clear, practical, comprehensive approach to effective supervision. This book is unique in the description of insightful, tried and true best practices and examples of their implementation. This book is an essential reference for the preparation, growth and development of supervisory staff and the deepening of their skills. Both new supervisors and seasoned staff will benefits from its use. ~ Rosemary Moynihan SC, Ph.D. Congregational Leader, Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, New Jersey Former Director of Community Mental Health, St. , Goodreads

Being a Supervisor 1.0 is a must read for everyone involved in staff training and organizational development. Whether you are a newly promoted supervisor, manager or an experienced human resource trainer, you will greatly benefit from this book. Joe Duffy has provided a comprehensive review of all aspects of the important role that supervisors play in our work settings. I highly recommend reading this book to everyone involved in leadership and supervision. ~ Dennis C. Miller, Executive Search, Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach

Being a Supervisor 1.0 is not only an invaluable primer for any employee or first-time supervisor aspiring to be an outstanding manager of people, but it is an excellent reference for seasoned and experienced supervisors and managers as a refresher course as well. It is a compact, comprehensive, grassroots manual on the correct way to manage people, projects, and progress, and I highly recommend it to all in pursuit of supervisory excellence. ~ Bettina A. Deynes, MBA, MIM, SHRM-SCP, IPMA-CP , VP of Human Resources and Diversity; Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM); co-author of Alejandra's Quest; international presenter and published author on leadership, management and HR topics

Supervision is both an art and a science. It can be learned but must be practiced to be fully mastered. Good supervision skills are especially important for the civil society/nonprofit sector which relies greatly on influence and collaboration. They are essential too for the government and business sectors. In “Being a Supervisor 1.0” Joe Duffy sets out easy to understand foundational management knowledge that every supervisor needs. These practical lessons, learned from a long career and leadership, are timely for the 21st century manager in any and all sectors. ~ M.D. Kinoti, PhD, Associate Professor of Nonprofit Management, Regis University, Colorado, International NGO Consultant

Strong organizations all have one thing in common: skilled, effective supervisors, passionate about mission. Joe Duffy has delivered a terrific toolbox for new or aspiring supervisors, as well as more seasoned leaders keen to learn from another’s experience. Joe's half a century of education and experience percolate throughout this excellent and informative handbook. ~ Kevin Ryan, President of Covenant House and former Commissioner, New jersey department of Children and Families

“Being a Supervisor 1.0” is an excellent must-read resource for considering foundational management issues. Utilizing a quick-read format, Joe Duffy shares his lessons learned over a 45 year career, providing not only practical advice, but also many “tools” for managing. But, perhaps of most value, are the numerous questions that the reader is presented with, as these should help the reader to translate Mr. Duffy’s experiences and suggestions into the reader's own supervisory approach. ~ Terrence Cahill, EdD, FACHE, Department Chair and Associate Professor Department of Interprofessional Health Sciences and Health Administration Seton Hall University, Consultant, Leadership Coach

Joe Duffy draws on a long, varied executive career to provide an intelligent, interesting road map for new and experienced supervisors. The writing is vivid, direct and practical; the wisdom of his advice pervades this useful contribution from a successful, seasoned leader. ~ J. Bryan Hehir, Secretary for Social Service, Archdiocese of Boston; Past President CCUSA

"Being a Supervisor 1.0" is a very practical reference guide for both seasoned managers and new supervisors, or for anyone with leadership responsibilities. The book contains excellent suggestions on ways leaders can embrace change. Joe Duffy provides first-rate recommendations that enable managers to work within different personalities and management styles. This book is a must read for anyone interested in management training ~ Kevin Lynch, Senior Consultant, IC Consulting

"Being a Supervisor 1.0" is a must read for the first time or aspiring supervisor and as a useful tool for the experienced supervisor. Author Joe Duffy has compiled lessons learned from a 45 year career in management into one easy to read handbook. It will be your "go to" resource for help in dealing with the daily demands of being a supervisor. ~ Thomas J. Healey, Partner Healey Development, Board Member Leadership Roundtable, Senior Fellow Harvard University JFK School of Government, Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Domestic Finance

Joe Duffy's "Being a Supervisor 1.0" is an essential handbook for supervisors of the future who will need this wisdom, to be effective supervisors today and tomorrow. ~ Frances Hesselbein, President & CEO, The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute

The rate of change in leadership at not-for-profit agencies is occurring at a pace never before seen. Joe Duffy has presented a highly readable and personable road-map for new CEOs to front line supervisors as they seek to avoid running around on the organizational shoals. ~ Richahrd Klarberg, JD, President & CEO, Council on Accreditation

I highly recommend reading Being a Supervisor 1.0! The book has structure, purpose and practical concepts for leaders and managers. New and seasoned supervisors will benefit from it. Get your copy. ~ James D Raphael, LNHA,CALA,MBA, President and CEO, James Raphael Enterprises and Author of

Well articulated and very informative book "Becoming a Supervisor 1.0" written by Joe Duffy provides the essential tools for a new supervisor as well as a handbook for the seasoned supervisor. ~ Mukunda Panuganti, MS, PHR, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Director

Being a Supervisor 1.01 is an enjoyable read with time-tested ideas to inspire new supervisors and recharge existing supervisors. In this user-friendly guide, Joe Duffy highlights key management principles by offering practical advice that reinforces best practices. Readers will delight in this informative and concise presentation of supervisory lessons and the value of life-long learning. ~ Deborah A. Fredericks, PhD., Associate Dean of Continuing Education, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Joseph F  Duffy, LLD
Joseph F Duffy, LLD Joseph F. Duffy retired as the President of Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Paterson which serves all of Morris, Passaic and Sussex Cou...
It's Not About the Coach by Stuart Haden

It's Not About the Coach

Stuart Haden

Inspiring those being coached to make informed choices about coaching, discover readiness for learning and develop the values required for success.

Future is Yours!, The by Rolf U.  Kramer MA

Future is Yours!, The

Rolf U. Kramer MA

There is no situation you could not change for the better, no matter where you stand in life.

DISCover the Power of You by Robert Adams

DISCover the Power of You

Robert Adams

Transforming people, to transform the world we live in.

Strategies for Being Visible:14 Profile-Raising Ideas for Emerging Female Leaders by Susan Ritchie

Strategies for Being Visible:14 Profile-Raising Ideas for Emerging Female Leaders

Susan Ritchie

Self-promotion for women who don't want to feel they're showing off!

Lead Yourself First!  by Michelle Ray

Lead Yourself First!

Michelle Ray

Are you ready to become the leader of your own life? Apply simple, powerful strategies to take charge of yourself, your career, your destiny.

Soccer Thinking for Management Success by Peter Loge

Soccer Thinking for Management Success

Peter Loge

Business success used to look like football. Now it looks like soccer.

Dedicated to Destiny by Angel Carlton

Dedicated to Destiny

Angel Carlton

How to navigate the 6 stages of transformation and live your destined life.

Mind-Spirit Detox by Richard Charles Anderson

Mind-Spirit Detox

Richard Charles Anderson

You have detoxed your body, now's the time to detox your mind.

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