Blockbuster Book of Brain Expanding, Creativity Enhancing, Writing Exercises, The

Blockbuster Book of Brain Expanding, Creativity Enhancing, Writing Exercises, The

Guaranteed to make you a great writer, an innovative thinker and a creative force in any walk of life

The most comprehensive book on writing available.


Philip Theibert has published extensively and teaches writing at various universities, as well as conducting numerous creativity and writing seminars. He has developed writing courses for universities and Fortune 500 companies. This book contains over 20 years of picking and choosing the best writing exercises which will boost your creativity and make you a published author. An exercise a day will keep the cobwebs away and helps build a writing portfolio that you will be proud to publish. This book will enhance and build the creative side of your brain so you will become the Charles Atlas of Creativity.

Philip Theibert
Philip Theibert Philip Theibert has extensive experience in speech writing, online teaching, marketing, media relations, Internet marketing, and public rela...

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