DISCover the Power of You

DISCover the Power of You

How to cultivate change for positive and productive cultures

Transforming people, to transform the world we live in.


DISCover the Power of You is for individuals who have a desire to better understand their own personality. People who may aspire to become great leaders in their field, regardless of their current business level. And more specifically, for anyone looking to raise their own self-awareness, confidence and understanding, in order to cultivate positive changes in their culture.


Understand thyself first, before attempting to lead and influence others. It's tough to review this title in a way that is meaningful to all because each person reading it will have their own ah-ha's, insights and awakenings based on their unique profile and life experience. At any rate, I highly recommend giving it a read and then apply the conclusions you draw ~ R. Price, NetGalley

According to the blurb on the back this book is for individuals who have a desire to better understand their own personality, people who may aspire to be come leaders in whatever field of their choice. Full disclosure: I was asked to review this book by the publisher (Business , John Hunt Publishing ). In truth it is not a book I would have gravitated to all by myself. Having said that, there can be great benefits in being pushed a bit out of your “natural reading habitat”! I found this book very interesting. For me it cast light on the issues of innate personality and leadership styles. Like most people I have always had a vague awareness that there are different leadership styles (and that those have both benefits and shadow or negative aspects) but I have never spent time really reflecting on what those might be and how it all hangs together when people work together in teams or office settings. One quote the author features early on is: There is no truth, only personality (- Gareth Morgan) This book helps you identify your own professional and leadership style. The DISC in “discover” – capitalized in the title – refers to Dominant – Influencer – Steady and Conscientious. (Read the book and follow the exercises if you are keen to figure out what type you are!) I had an interesting time reflecting on my own leadership style and priorities (including the weak aspects of those) as well as on people I have experienced in leadership roles in various settings. There were some “aha!” moments! I was telling my husband about this and he said: ” A lot of this is on the curriculum when you study economics and business administration” (his own degree and professional background). Fair enough but most creative/artistic/spiritual types like myself will never attend business school – so this book offers you some of those key insights as a DIY program. The book then goes on to describe different company cultures and what characterizes them. This will help people identify what culture their personality is most suited to (assuming you have the luxury of choice when applying for jobs!) and is also helpful if you run (or intend to run) your own business as it casts light on hiring people with different personality types and strengths from yourself so you can complement each other. All in all I found this a well-researched and fascinating book and I appreciated stepping outside my comfort zone when it comes to reading and absorbing new ideas! ~ Imelda Almqvist, Pagan Pages

Brilliant. Robert has worked long and hard on this book and has produced a piece of work that is close to his heart. With his in-depth knowledge of DISC personality profiling Robert gives some unique examples of how this powerful tool can be used within the multi-cultural society we live in. ~ Dave Pill, DISC European Master Trainer

CEO Brighton Film School and Deputy Principal Chichester College. ~ Andrew Green

Business Advisor, Yorkshire Coast Enterprise ~ Peter Mitchell

Owner Eaglei ~ Duncan Lewis

Dr Travis Bradberry Author of The Personality Code, Coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and President at TalentSmart Requested, not yet read ~ Contacted but not yet confirmed

Robert Adams
Robert Adams Robert Adams is founder and CEO of Creative Coaching Creative Cultures. He is a Consultant and Trainer, Coach and Mentor, Speaker and Author...
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