DISCover the Power of You

DISCover the Power of You

How to cultivate change for positive and productive cultures

Transforming people, to transform the world we live in.


DISCover the Power of You is for individuals who have a desire to better understand their own personality. People who may aspire to become great leaders in their field, regardless of their current business level. And more specifically, for anyone looking to raise their own self-awareness, confidence and understanding, in order to cultivate positive changes in their culture.


Brilliant. Robert has worked long and hard on this book and has produced a piece of work that is close to his heart. With his in-depth knowledge of DISC personality profiling Robert gives some unique examples of how this powerful tool can be used within the multi-cultural society we live in. ~ Dave Pill, DISC European Master Trainer

CEO Brighton Film School and Deputy Principal Chichester College. ~ Andrew Green

Business Advisor, Yorkshire Coast Enterprise ~ Peter Mitchell

Owner Eaglei ~ Duncan Lewis

Dr Travis Bradberry Author of The Personality Code, Coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and President at TalentSmart Requested, not yet read ~ Contacted but not yet confirmed

Robert Adams
Robert Adams Robert Adams is founder and CEO of Creative Coaching Creative Cultures. He is a Consultant and Trainer, Coach and Mentor, Speaker and Author...

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