Future is Yours!, The

Future is Yours!, The

How to effectively manage the whole world,including life, family, and business, and remain true to yourself

There is no situation you could not change for the better, no matter where you stand in life.


The Future is Yours! is a self-help book about how to make life worth living, be it business or family or private. It starts people wherever they may stand, takes them by the hand and leads them to an attainable future.


A refreshing approach to a subject that has already been addressed from all perspectives so many times in so many ways. But this is different -- in this book the author presents the mechanics and tools for managing all aspects of a person’s activities, both business and personal. Apply these with care – they may well change your life. ~ Ewa Manias FCCA, Chartered Certified Accountant and Business Consultant, London, UK.

Many thanks to the author. In 2000 I received my personal training based on the material contained in ”The Future is Yours!”, to create and manage my own company. What I loved about it was the simplicity and how easy it was to apply immediately what I learned. ~ German Zamora, Executive Director, Bogotá, Colombia, South America.

In a very clear and straightforward manner, Rolf U. Kramer describes the “change of mind” that needs to occur at the core of administrative efficiency, in order to enhance relationships with other human beings as well as awaken the sense of responsibility in all its forms. "The Future is Yours!“ is multi-cultural and transcends all boundaries. I will recommend it to all and sundry, especially to the African mind. ~ Sana-Bairo Sabally, former Vice-President of The Gambia, West Africa.

Why bother with yet another book on managing (and leading) people? The answer is simple. This book is powerfully different and powerfully effective. Most leadership and management books are based on theories and case study examples. They do not explore and are thus not based on a deep understanding of people, the human spirit and what makes us tick, as individuals and in teams. Rolf U. Kramer’s book does exactly that. He provides the reader with a powerful set of generalised principles and explanations organised to be easily understood and built upon. You can rely on them to work in any leadership or management situation in any environment or culture. ~ David R J Powell, MD Corporate Leadership Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia.

Putting the core factors of success in management together whilst keeping an eye on everyday reality, is no easy task. Quite often the reader has to stumble over trade jargon or overly abstract examples. Yet Rolf U. Kramer succeeds in highlighting the very components which play their role not only in professional life but also in one’s family or the planning of one’s personal life. The examples given quite often made me smile, they shed quite a light on the fabric of society. ~ Markus Novak, Product Manager, Chamber of Commerce, Vienna, Austria.

As a mother of twins, part-time assistant to a business coach, MindWalking Trainer, and executive director of a kite-surfing school, I have to meet a multiplicity of challenges. It used to be chaos, and I never knew where to start. But reading “The Future is Yours!” helped me to separate the various hats I’m wearing and get my priorities straight. Which has done a lot for my peace of mind and the harmony of family life. I can recommend this book to anyone whatever it is they have to manage. ~ Beate Kuersteiner, multi-tasking housewife, Frankfurt, Germany.

Rolf U.  Kramer MA
Rolf U. Kramer MA Born in Germany and also practicing there, R. U. Kramer is a transpersonal psychotherapist and consciousness development trainer of 30 years...
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