Exploring the Essence of Leadership Dynamics

If leading and following were non-personal, who would you be? This book is a down-to-earth invitation to implement a spiritual, innovative and sustainable leadership dynamic to our personal and professional lives.


    This book bridges the gap between spiritual self-inquiry and practical personal and professional leadership dynamics. Rather than giving formularized answers and concepts, it raises questions which allow the reader to open up to a new leadership paradigm that reaches beyond our old beliefs and structures. It brings leadership back to its bare essence: non-personal inspiration through authenticity and passion. Leadingship is a leadership reflection of Life: ever changing, non-personal, all-inclusive and hugely inspirational. This book is its introduction and a inviting springboard for personal, professional, academic and spiritual exploration.


    'It´s very very inspiring, igniting passion for life that´s missing nowadays. The book is what people and businesses need very much.' ~ N. Timkova, Slovakia, CESTA SK, s.r.o.

    An honor to 'Like'... great work! ~ Dr Glen Hepker, USA, Authr and Owner Mason City Wellness Center

    This book is amazing good stuff you HAVE to read it all ! ~ Henriette Koks, The Netherlands, Owner Centre of Complementary Medicine Apeldoorn

    I was given this book by a friend and on one hand it is so simple; easy to read, easy to relate to and understand; and on the other hand it is profound and extraordinary. Arnold easily combines non-duality and leadingship and creates a new 'in the moment' way of thinking about what leadership really is. Who is the leader? When does leading stop being leading and become habit and conformity? He answers all these questions - with ease. The book was so great I checked him out and may well be attending one of his retreats. http://www.simplysumptuousretreats.com ~ Julie Leoni, UK, Love Being ME - coach & author

    'The most truthful book on leadership I have ever read. My recommendation ... Read it, Now!' ~ Carolyn Birchill, Australia, Client Relations Director at Hothouse

    ‘Even though the book "only" has less than 100 pages, it is filled with condensed information. And with the self-inquiry part after each chapter, it is a information-book and a work-book in one. The author shares his personal experiences, making this book as authentic and passionate as the information within. I especially liked the cross-cultural experiences - showing that authenticity is "breaking the ice" in many "unfamiliar territories". Some parts of the book even brought tears to my eyes, because it is the truth and the truth connects everything and everybody. And I agree with what Ofer Eyal from Israel writes: “This stuff is so strong, that if you could eat or inhale it, it would probably be illegal!"’ ~ J.J. Pollinger, Germany, Marketing Manager Baur Versand

    'Leadership as we know it is in need of replacement, urgently! But not with the next set of someone else's copied leadership skills and qualities. Arnold Timmerman invites us to reconnect with the authentic self in us, to strip away all conventions, assumptions and judgements. What happens when you leave all should's and responsibilities behind? What happens when you step away from the inner and outer "noise", straight into the stillness of your own being? Then we all become leader and follower. Arnold Timmerman takes aim at traditional leadership from a spiritual and very original angle. His book has a clear message, is very practical in its applications and innovative.' ~ A. Mante, The Netherlands, Public relations official at Ministry of Finance

    'The way the author conveys his message of Leadingship is highly appealing. This book stimulates self-reflection and inspires both personal and professional development. The book definitively offers food for thought. While reading, I felt something happening to me: Leadingship inspires, engenders lust for life and all of its possibilities, and confirms that it is not just okay but truly desirable to be your authentic `you' and let go of any presumed control over your life and the lives of others.' ~ L. Kooning, France, Nonprofit Organization Management

    In this global economy, in a time of transparency, people have low-tolerance for old school ways that are no longer relevant. I consider this book essential reading for conscious, passionate people who intend to make a positive difference through their work. ~ Marilyn Suttle, USA, Founder and President of Suttle Enterprises LLC

    'I am blown away by this book. For some reason most books on leadership leave me a bit bored, but this one speaks to my heart and soul. I love the recognition that Arnold brings that we are all leaders and also followers, and its often more about tuning in to the flow of shifting from one state to another that allows us to be authentic, sharing our wisdom. From this space we can bring our true gifts and qualities to the table when they are most valuable.' ~ Francesca Cassini, UK, Producer at At The Crossroads Movie Ltd

    This book speaks with the same intensity with which the author listens to you. An absolute must-read! ~ Jan Cramer, The Netherlands, BOLD Interim Professionals& Executive Search

    Leadingship is an idea that totally resonates with these complex times. We need co-intelligence way more than we need bright individuals. We do not need to share power but to truly empower all players. We do not need followers but co-leaders. I highly recommend this book. ~ Jan Bommerez, U.S.A, International speaker, coach, author of bestselling business books

    Arnold Timmerman’s book issues a challenging invitation to find the leader within you. Instead of pat prescriptions, he invites you to enquire deeply about what your own direct experience has taught you – and to question your assumptions. He asks searching questions about whether responsibility and being in charge become comfort-zones for leaders that stop them from meeting the greater challenge of leading from intuition and inner wisdom. ~ Dr. Heather Grabbe, Brussels, Executive Director of the Open Society Institute Brussels and Director of EU Affairs for the Soros network

    This book really gets to the core of the essential ingredients to great leadership: authenticity and passion! Arnold strips away at all other and more superficial qualities of leadership and gets to the heart of what really matters: truth. It is my sincere hope that leaders from all walks of life will discover this paradigm shifting “leadingship” perspective and have the courage to consider how they could explore some of the leadingship concepts for themselves, their teams and their organizations. Not an easy task but one that I suspect will become a necessity as more and more leaders are denounced for their ego driven and unconscionable actions. This book will surely guide anyone interested or even just curious about transforming their perspective on leadership from the inside out! ~ Nathalie Ménard, Canada, Principal Consultant and Coach, Sofie Consulting Inc.

    This stuff is so strong, that if you could eat or inhale it, it would probably be illegal:-) ~ Ofer Eyal, Israel, Product Manager Freescale Semiconductor, business coach

    I found the experience of it enlivening, inspiring and exciting. For me this book points to a way of being in the world that is not only deeply enriching and transformative but also the master key to creating a sustainable, enlightened future for all. Thats why this body of work is so important and of its time. ~ Dr. Mark Atkinson, U.K. , author of The Mind Body Bible, True Happiness: Emotional Health and others.

    I read this inspiring book in one sitting. Timmerman has a simple way to write using his own experiences, which allows the reader to grasp the essence of each chapter, then invites them to explore it for themselves through self enquiry. It makes for an interesting read and a challenging exercise in developing your own power, through authenticity and leading skills you would never expect. ~ Valerie Hayes, U.K., International events co-ordinator

    Brilliant read and an excellent pointer for leadership. ~ Paul Davies, Spain, ex-diplomat, Conscious Leadership Coach

     Wow, this is an announcement to the world! ~ Irit Lifshitz, Israel, Independent business consultant & events manager

    Leadingship by Arnold Timmerman taps into the dynamics of leading and being led, and how that synchronistic tango creates the successful characteristics of a true leader. This means when you have the ability to let go of control, when you need to, it exposes the true leader within each of us. He takes you on a journey of examination and enlightenment so that within you, you can choose what type of leader and follower you are. ~ Tracy Repchuk, USA, Internet Marketing and Social Media Strategist Bestselling Author of 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles

    Arnold Timmerman
    Arnold Timmerman Netherlands born (’71) UK resident Arnold Timmerman got his masters in civil and social law in 1997. Instead of pursuing the intended mult...
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