Mastering the Mommy Track

Mastering the Mommy Track

Juggling Career and Kids In Uncertain Times

Mastering the Mommy Track tells the stories of everyday working mothers, the challenges they have faced, and lessons learned.


Many working mothers today face great tension between their families and careers. They are more likely than men to feel pressed for time and conflicted about being away from young children while working. They are also more likely to seek out help or guidance.

Mastering the Mommy Track tells the stories of everyday working mothers, the challenges they have faced, and lessons learned. It also offers solutions from experts on how mothers can overcome current issues in order to lead happy, healthy lives at home and work.


In the modern day, Mommy has to work too...but has the problem of wanting to be Mommy too. "Mastering the Mommy Track: Juggling Career and Kids in Uncertain Times" is an advisory from Erin Flynn Jay as she suggests how mothers can balance the rough jobs of being a working mom in the modern day, and trying to be there for your kids while keeping your career advancement strong. "Mastering the Mommy Track" is a strong pick for the modern career woman looking for every advantage they can to get by. ~ Helen Dumont, Midwest Book Review

The issue is constantly being debated among moms: Do you stay at home to raise your children and take care of the home, or do you go back to work to provide for your family? Or do you attempt to do both? In this modern age, most mothers attempt to do both, often due to various reasons from a desire to stay in the workforce to the needed funds from dual incomes. Often, though, there are issues, and there is little advice to help these mothers trying to make their situations work. Despite its rather cartoonish cover, Mastering the Mommy Track draws in the reader with expert guidance and personal feedback from the author, offering a how-to guide for the working mother. And despite its slim size, Mastering the Mommy Track is well researched. Although some of the material may seem obvious (refrain from using drugs and alcohol to cope with stress), Jay covers everything that affects the working mom: romance, childcare, finances, mental health, and more. She couples this with advice from doctors and working moms who have done it before, including anecdotal advice and her own personal experiences. Mastering the Mommy Track is a helpful book for anyone from moms with newborns to women raising teenagers. Most of the advice could also be helpful for working single women and even working dads, who now often share the same roles as women do, as both caregivers and breadwinners. ~ , Diversity Journal

“As working moms, we are often running forward without taking a moment to think about our lives and develop a strategy that works best for ourselves, our family and our careers. "Mastering the Mommy Track" helps readers readjust their purview-take a step back and contemplate the issues that impact us as working moms. It is difficult to find a way to create work-life synthesis, but not impossible. This book is a thoughtful resource that helps us identify the roadblocks and develop a plan, with the ultimate goals of having both a satisfying career and a family that feels they come first.” -- Allison O'Kelly, CEO of Mom Corps ~

"As a working mother of two young sons, and a professional woman passionate about my career AND my family, I recommend Mastering the Mommy Track for any working mom who feels the pressure to juggle it all. Work-life balance is something that each woman needs to find for herself, and no formula will fit everyone. This book does a wonderful job of talking about all the major sources of stress on a working mother and providing solutions that each individual mom can use in her own way to find a balance that works for her and her family. Whether you're becoming a mother for the first time, or well along the mommy track, you'll find this book to be a helpful guide through it all!" ~ Sara Sutton Fell,, CEO and founder of

“Erin Flynn Jay, who has been in this position herself, does an excellent job of helping moms learn to cope under the pressure of working in a down economy, when Dad's out of work or even not there at all. She gives the reader the benefit of opinions and advice from top experts in the field, and presents each problem in a helpful, organized format. An excellent resource for overwhelmed working moms.” -- Tina B. Tessina, PhD, (aka "Dr. Romance") psychotherapist and author of Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage ~

“Erin Flynn Jay covers the major concerns working moms with young kids face today, in a weak economy. Her timely book offers honest stories from mothers about their struggles and solutions from experts on how to overcome these issues. A self help guide on how to get through these uncertain times to achieve happiness at work and home.” -- Shannon Miller, Olympic gold medalist and mom ~

“Life is crazy!! Especially when you’re in an environment with working parents. Mastering the Mommy Track shows that no matter your career or living situation, moms everywhere have to solve similar parenting issues, and Erin Flynn Jay has the answers!” -- Daytime Emmy-nominated actress Alicia Minshew ~

“Erin is a gifted writer and marketer who has a real knack for creating good copy. She's also a creative, sensitive editor who works extremely well in collaboration with individuals and teams. I can recommend her highly.” --Brandon Yusuf Toropov,; former Writer and Trainer, DEI Management Group, and former lead editor at Adams Media.


Erin Flynn Jay
Erin Flynn Jay Erin Flynn Jay has been a writer, publicist and communications consultant for small to mid-sized companies in all industries since August 20...
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