Secrets of Spiritual Marketing, The

Secrets of Spiritual Marketing, The

A complete guide for Natural Therapists to making money doing what they love

A guide to successfully marketing your Natural Therapy business.


The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing offers for the first time everything you need to know about advertising and marketing your natural therapy business. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting out this book will provide you with all the proven tools you need to create a successful and profitable practice. This book is filled with proven marketing tools that guarantee results and will enable you to reach those who can truly benefit from your talents. By using these marketing secrets you will make more money doing what you love without compromising your values. Inside discover: • How to market your business. • Marketing tools like: tryvertising; webinars and more. • How to create an effective marketing website. • The 5 myths of advertising and how to avoid them. • Small business marketing tools from business cards to brochures. • How to write a great headline. • How your customers can promote your business. • The lifetime value of your customers and how to retain them. • How to stand out from your competitors.


All in all, the price of this book is likely to be more than recouped by anyone new to the world of business… ~ Pilgrim's Mind Body Spirit

I learned quite awhile ago that a miracle is "getting something you need the most when you need it the most," and I must say that this 192 page guide totally fits the bill. I have graduated to the point in my business as a spiritual adviser that I knew it was time to branch out, but I had no idea what to do or how to do it. Then this amazing teacher comes across my desk. Slowly, thoroughly and lovingly the author took me step by step to look at and understand the next right thing. There are sections on how to hire help, have web pages, whether to have my business home-based or even mobile and a whole lot more. I felt like I was sitting down with my best friend and he was giving me good sound advice and support. I walked away with a feeling of "Yes I Can" and "Yes I Will." Another thing that sold me on this read was that for us Spiritual Practitioners being able to organize to the point of getting our work out to the world has presented a big problem. I would recommend this happy helper to anyone who has a desire to take their spiritual work to the world and wants some fabulous help doing it. Thanks Lawrence, I really needed this one and you can bet it has easily made it's way into my spiritual ~ Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living

Full of good ideas. I would recommend this book to those who are perhpas a little more entrepreneurially aware and for them to recognise that Ellyard's ideas are useful in an overall marketing context, but not to the absolute beginner. ~ Louise Wilde, Light

The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing is a must for anyone working in the wellness industry. Full of useful tips for natural therapists or anyone in small business. This book lays the foundations for success. ~ Gary Quinn, Author of Living in the Spiritual Zone

Lawrence Ellyard has created a fantastic business and marketing guide which marries proven marketing techniques with one's spiritual path. Without needing to compromise on your values, The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing will drive your wellness business through the roof. Marci Shimoff, NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in The Secret ~

There is nothing more difficult then starting your own practice without marketing guidance like this. I believe The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing is a must read for every natural therapist wanting to create a successful practice! ~ Adria Ellis, founder of Zen Alliance Natural Health Directory

Covers something truly unique. A must read for every natural therapist. ~ Mette Sorensen, founder of Mette's Institute for Ka Huna Massage

Fantastic secrets to know before you start, I wish I had known. Straight forward and efficient. This book will save you hours and hours. ~ Diane Riley, co-founder of the Australian School of Tantra and author of Sexy and Sacred

The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing is a book designed to help natural therapists to expand their practices and reach more people. Highly recommended! ~ David Vennells, author of The Healing Sourcebook

A must-read for all natural therapists either starting their own practice or those already established. Industry expert Lawrence Ellyard shares his secrets on how to gain and maintain business success and prosperity in the wellness industry, whilst maintaining your spiritual integrity. Time-saving, tried and tested tools that will see your business soar! I highly recommend it. ~ Suzanne Taylor, Publisher of the Natural Health Directory Australia

Lawrence's latest book, 'Spiritual Marketing' is constructive, earthed, practical and is an extremely comprehensive resource for any new health practitioner. It's going to be a book that will remain on your practice bookshelf, dog-eared and laden with annotations for many years as your practice grows and flourishes utilising Lawrence's obvious wisdom. ~ Ian Hamilton, Director of ION LIFE

Any practitioner, new graduate or seasoned natural therapist can learn from the valuable information clearly provided in The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing. The website chapter is great for everyone in the natural health field. This industry needs the most professional face possible - good websites and marketing materials are essential for therapists and this guide is an excellent resource. ~ Bianca Rothschild, Publisher of The Natural Health Guide Australia

The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing is a comprehensive and user friendly compendium about building a successful and lucrative practice – the easy way. These fantastic marketing ideas and hands on advice will help any Natural Therapist to build their business and client base in the most cost effective way and ensure a smooth transition from being student to becoming a professional health care provider. This book is a must for anyone who is serious about doing what they love for a living. ~ Katha Jones, Director of International Institute of Kinesiology Australia

The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing is a book that will be most beneficial to natural therapists already in business as well as new therapists alike. I wish I had access to something as easy and informative to follow when I was starting out in my practice. ~ Keitha Bradley, founder of Open Gate Natural Therapy School Australia

Heaps of practical and useful advice for the beginner as well as seasoned practitioner. Lawrence Ellyard's secrets applied will direct any natural therapy business towards soaring success. Recommended reading for our students. ~ Ki'a'i Ho'okahi Weber, Founder of Australian College of Kahuna Sciences

If you are serious about succeeding in business as a natural therapist, whether you are just starting out or established and looking to expand, you will find The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing, by industry insider Lawrence Ellyard, of great value. This book offers sound marketing advice that will help you guide clients to your door, build and maintain a reputation for excellent customer service, and attract spiritual prosperity. This book's a gem! Thank you, Lawrence Ellyard! ~ Amy Z. Rowland, Usui Reiki Master and author of Reiki for the Heart and Soul

A timely and powerful body of work by Lawrence Ellyard. In 'The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing' Lawrence shares his insights and wisdom to support the modern day wellness practitioner. His insights and honest sharing makes this book a must read for anyone in this industry. ~ Chris Hooper, founder Chris Hooper Promotions & Management Australia

The Secrets of Spiritual marketing is a must-read for any natural therapist who is planning and running their own business, with the aim of improving the bottom line and achieving fulfillment. ~ Pamela Allardice, editor of Nature and Health Magazine

Lawrence Ellyard has done what for many has proven to be one of the most difficult areas in their lives - marrying their spiritual/holistic work with the world of business and marketing. This in depth, step-by-step guide to setting up and running a prosperous wellness business is both timely and required reading for anyone in the health and healing industry.Leo Drioli, editor of Innerself Newspaper ~

Lawrence Ellyard's newest book is a wonderfully down-to-earth, practical and user friendly tool-box for establishing, growing and flourishing a natural health business in integrity and truth. This book is a real gift to practitioners in all fields of healing. Brandon Bays , Author of The Journey and Freedom Is ~

This book is full of great marketing techniques, that are well thought out and relevant to natural therapy practitioners. It takes some of the guess work out of what you really need to consider and work with. Rhondda E Stewart, Principal of the Australian College of Hypnotherapy ~

Natural therapists invest substantial time and money in gaining and maintaining their holistic therapies qualifications, but receive little guidance about how to market themselves. This book is mandatory reading for any therapist who is serious about building a successful, profitable business and doing what they love. Melanie Surplice, Managing Director of Revive Holistic Marketing ~

Lawrence Ellyard
Lawrence Ellyard Lawrence Ellyard is the CEO and Founder of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. With over 15 years working as a natural...
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